Monday, October 25, 2010

Just one day

I was about eleven years old when I did up this daily schedule on an old piece of card and carefully covered it in contact.  I like very much that I had "Rest" for ten minutes between making my lunch and collecting my lunch and hat.  I like that I have a "Make lunch" time slot at 7.20pm in the evening on the same day that I have "Make Lunch" at 7.55am in the morning.

When I was teaching, I bought the purpose- made Teacher's diary but I always ended up making myself a timetable based schedule with all sorts of colour coding and symbols that made perfect sense to me alone.  It was a stapled stack of photocopied pages but I could fit a whole term's worth of school weeks in my bag.  I would cross the weeks off - sometimes day by day and sometimes, lesson by lesson. 

It feels right to have things pinned down on paper, neatly separated into boxes, coded and logical and promising.

It makes me happy to know what's coming. I don't like surprises.  


  1. A music lover from way back. Has this gone already? I want to keep it myself!

  2. Yes, gone! Steven got it out of the bin momentarily but I told him a photograph was enough. Besides, I got to share it all again before I threw it out with Mum, Dad, India and Mia , so that was priceless.


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