Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A few of my favourite things

Amongst one of many boxes of 'paperwork' I found this paragraph I wrote in Grade Eight.
(1985)   My bunnykins bowl was a baptism gift from my godparents.  My brother had the cup and someone else the egg cup, or perhaps they came as a set and I shared them by default, I don't know. 

I did manage to hold on to it long enough to get it out for my children to use.  I had it not "for the rest of my life" but until this year, when one of my children broke it.   At first I was devastated, but  then I realised it was a moment when I could  change direction.   Instead of making a big deal out of i I very bravely swept it up and put it straight in the bin.  "Don't worry, it's only a plate"  said the new me!

I could hardly believe it when I was digging through boxes looking for things to send on their way and this page was there.  I thought it another fitting object for my year of living dangerously, bin lid poised.

I hold things in my memory.

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