Saturday, October 23, 2010

Duck Bag

I used to take this bag to church on Sundays with a toy, a book and something to eat.  We used to sit fairly close to the front, so I had to pick the moment I broke out the biscuits.

It made me feel grown up.  I loved the picture of the duck on it that I thought was Donald Duck.  I loved the rough, woollen texture and the simple, subdued colours.  When the strap broke, I fixed it with a silver, safety pin.  

I don't know when I put it away or even if I had the thought that 'one day' I would pass it on to my children.  I do know that when I finally brought it back out into the light of day that my daughter was underwhelmed. 

I appreciate a beautiful handbag but I hate carrying them.   I usually continue the habit I had as a teenager, jamming money or a keycard into my pocket and travelling light.  Handbags aren't good for hoarders.  In mine at the moment I have:

a flyer for a video store
a menu for an Indian restaurant
a crumpled review for a restaurant I want to visit
a tampon
Friday's mail
a bank statement and my daughter's bank passbook
one lipgloss and two containers of blistex
a highlighter, one permanent marker, a biro and two colouring pens
a purse with our library cards in it ( to travel light, but not lose the cards from my pocket)
my daughter's purse
my wallet that won't shut because it is full of receipts, cards and business cards
go cards for the bus
a nappy for Jed
two bus timetables
an emerald green ribbon that comes out once a year for St Patrick's day
a flat, rough rock from Currumbin beach
swim centre brochure
a necklace
new house numbers
doctor's scripts
empty toblerone wrapper
menu for a burger restaurant
discount vouchers for a book store

I like to be prepared.  

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