Saturday, July 30, 2011

Don't look at me that way, Doc

Doc came into my life via my Auntie Kathy, who has a knack for picking appealing presents. 
He is a pencil sharpener, but as my younger brother had one too, we used to play with them more than sharpen our pencils. When his paint chipped I simply did my best to re-colour him with paint and crayon.  I don't know if my brother tired of his sharpener but I have two of them.

I don't have any attachment to the story of Snow White or her 7 dwarfs but I am attached to this little guy.  He sits so neatly in the palm or on the shelf.  It's his gaze that captures me and makes it hard to simply toss him in the bin.  I find myself wondering if I found the two of them and put them on a shelf as matching bookends...

Don't look at me that way, Doc.   I'm trying to listen to the bluebird on my shoulder. 

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